Apricot love

I had wanted to buy Juliet roses so long but for me they were too expensive so I had never got them before. Once the owner of my favourite flower shop suggested me Juliet and gave me very cheaply, so I immediately ordered new films because they looked breathtaking.
In the afternoon, with golden light.


And early afternoon.

Again late afternoon. Accidentally pressed the sutter.

Actually it was much more beautiful than my photos. A bit disappointed with the result.

Lemony summer Dahlias with Juliet :)


It's time to change the flowers.

And this is the last scene

Rolleiflex Automat X, Kodak Ektar 100


  1. Hello! I found your photos through Flickr. And proceeded to follow everything you do (Instagram and Etsy too). Everything you capture is beautiful. :)

    1. Thank you very much, Michelle! You are the first person who left a comment to me and followed me here and Etsy :) hehe. Your photos are so beautiful too!


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