Summer light

It's in summer but those pretty wine colors caught my eye already, like an autumn.

It's been my third summer in Jeonju, at my cafe Tea blossom and I'm always waiting for this beautiful light that I only can see in summer. So I almost every time take pictures when the light is coming through the window to my little tea shop.

I bought a vase because I had broken my favourite vase so wanted similar one :)

One customer hadn't finished her iced berry tea and left here.


I still don't know where the clock was made in because I got this one from an antique shop in Seoul. Something like Northen europe or Russia. Anyway I like this.



My plants. I bought some kinds of Geraniums.

Selfie..fringe was too long so a little bit cut it off. I've lost my weight about 10kg since last year.

Afternoon light.. love this moment.

One of my favourite albums. Lisa Hannigan's Sea Sew.

And a seat.
my days..


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