Hassy and the polaroid back

I thought that my Hasselblad was broken because its shutter had shut down and I couldn't open it again so I asked the repair shop and they said it would cost about ₩300,000 ($300) to fix it. For me, it was too expensive so I just left the camera on the shelfe for six months!

About a week ago, I suddenly wanted to buy a polaroid back for my Hassy and when it arrived I started to search for a way to test it on Youtube, while then I found a movie and yes! I got it. There was a perfect answer! Actually it was just a simple problem :)

So, I took some pictures happily but need to practise more.

Some things around me.

Hasselblad + Extension Tube + Polaroid back.


Flower time. Flowers go too fast during the summer.


One of my regular custmors gave me these Lisianthus, so I gave her two of my Polaroids that are simiar to the first one :)

Monsoon finished and Typhoons coming so it was cloudy and raind a lot for a week so I haven't seen the lovely light for a while.

Failed. Jasper, you are too difficult but still love you.


Hasselblad 503cx, Fuji F-100, 2014


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