Mt.Naejang with Eunseon

When I first time moved to Jeonju I visited Eunseon who lives in Jeongeup near Jeonju. When we met up we used to climb the Mt.Naejang that is in Jeongeup and also one of the most famous mountains in Korea.

Actually I have never intended to take portrait of her but she is a very photogenic girl and always enjoys being a model so naturally we love working together :)


I brought there my Rolleiflex and Hasselblad. She was infulenced by my work so started film photography several years ago but doesn't have a medium format camera so I lent it to her to try.

It was fun :)

Love the colours.

It was too cold so we stopped climbing and went to a temple.



Early Summer

I founded this beautiful thing here. Someone had picked it.




I'm going to visit her on the sixth of October and am very looking forward to taking pictures with her again.
Hasselblad 503cx, Rolleiflex Automat X, Nikon FM2
Jeongeup, 2012


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