Three years of spring blossoms at Geumsan Temple

This is going to be a heavy post and here will be about 100 pictures, so you need to get ready to read this first :)

After winter, spring blossom always makes me move to somewhere and thgere is very beautiful place for cherry blossoms near Jeonju. Since I moved to this city I have been to eumsan Temple in springs with my friends from Seoul, so that I went there three times at the different times so I could see all the gorgeous sceneries there.

In 2012 I went there with Sangmi and Boeun and I brought there my old friend Rolleiflex Automat X.
In 2013 I went there with Sewon and Hyunju. At that time I was with my Hasselblad 503CX.
In 2014 with Alim and my Pentacon Six TL but as you can see there were some problems with my camera so I couldn't get many good pictures.

I'm going to post this in order places (Journey from the bus stop to the temple)

I really like the colours of this picture.<2014>

After got off the bus we decided to have some food under the cherry blossoms and ate Acorn Jelly Salad that is one of my most favouite food in Jeonju. The way of cooking is a bit different from my home. <2014>

Seeing full of bloom and hearing the sound of water. <2014>

Love this picture :) <2014>

After cherry blossoms, colourful azaleas were ready. <2012>

Violet Lilacs. <2012>

Maybe apple blossoms? How cute and romantic. <2012>

Boeun is happy. <2012>


Like this beautiful.<2014>

On the ground there were tiny blue blossoms :D <2014>

Then I found this place which nobody was interested in but still so beautiful and peaceful. Actually Sangmi and Boeun had not known each other before but they visited me on the same weekend so we went on a picnic together <2012>

Missing Sangmi and her little baby too.

Here is just next to above the place. Although there weren't those little beauties there were old and big cherry trees that we absolutely loved so we stayed here for about fourty minutes and took pictures happiely. Alim was busy taking selfies :) <2014>

We left the place and she was still busy :) I especially love the bokeh here. <2014>

Like this dreamy. <2014>
Looks so quiet. <2013>  

There had not enough blossoms in 2013, but I found this delicated cherry blossoms just under the mountain and tried to catch the wind and the beautiful light together. <2013>

It was colourful spring in 2012.

Lovely yellow :D  Because Boeun was wearing a yellow cardigan I sent her to the middle of Kerria and thought she looked like a fairy. <2012>


Finally we arrived at the temple <2012>

What a shame that Pentacon Six had problems.


It was much more beautiful than my pictures.

And there was special peach tree infront of Jangdokdae. <2013>

As you can see there are three colours of blossoms on a peach tree. White, pink, magenta. <2012>

So it immediately became my favourite place in the temple but not many visitors like here :) <2012>

And I picked this bouquet of Alstroemeria up from a rubbish heap. <2014>

Still curious about the colours :) <2013>
There were Tulips too. <2013>

They were strong yellow one. <2012>

My mum used to plant this tree in our garden when I was a child. <2014>

Love these poetic weeping red plum blossoms. So much emotional. <2012, 2013, 2014>

There was a huge magnolia. <2013>

And here.. I got dazzled. It was good choice that I brought the bouquet here :) <2014>

The wind was blowing gently. <2014>

Almost over but there were still some left. <2013>

We moved to another place. Don't know why when I see those weeping red plum blossoms I feel sad. <2013>

And I was amazed by the colours of nature. <2013>

It's time to get back. At this time we walked along the small stream. <2013>

And found romantic peach blossoms! <2013>

Thanks, thanks, thanks for the comfort always... <2013>

And her Rolleiflex :) <2013>


And here are some more casual shots with Lomo LC-A <2012>

Spring is beautiful and if I stay here till next spring I probably go there again.


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