Two rolls of film

An apple for lunch for these days.

The light was very soft.

I sometimes print some photos of my Tea blssom to give my customers.

I had bought a sunflower before the summer was gone.

I tried to make a glass of berries and banana smoothy and it was really good so I added it to our menu :) 
Rainy rainy summer.
I planted an English rose Jude de opscure in my garden last year and they are still flowering.


It was getting dark.


Always love the flower...
I decide to take Mondays off so I went for a walk and said hello to the sunset after a long time and there were pretty crap apple trees :)

Hasselblad 503cx
Kodak Ektar 100
Jeonju, 2014


  1. Do you scan our own negatives? How do you transfer from film to digital? Great work!

    1. No. I send the films to a photo studio for scanning and developing.


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