Going yellow

Maybe it was one of the days in October. I really liked this flower bouquet so tried to take pictures with it but I only have a small mirror at my cafe so just stood on in front of the coffee machine instead and as you can see I failed :) I should buy a bigger mirror.

This year's autumn was quite long in Korea and outside of the trees were going yellow.


In case of bad results, I took more pictures of the bouquet but I am not satisfied.

About a week later Eunseon came to my cafe to take pictures of her accessories and clothes for her shop in Jeongeup, so I tried to make it again but still I felt something was lacking.

Love so much the colours of the leaves outside and light and shadows and flowers too. love that quiet moment.

and a common scene of the little accident :)

Sometimes I want to take pictures of myself.. but my house was a bit dark at that time. I have been loosing weight a lot so didn't have energy to work until close the cafe. Now I'm eating more than before..

Autumn is over like this. Now it's snowing a lot here in Jeonju.

Hasselblad 503cx
Kodak Ektar 100
Jeonju, 2014


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