Our little island

While I had been suffering from my time in Jeonju J invited me to a little, secret island of  Indonesia this time last year. Although there were some troubles with my long journey to the island, when I finally saw J and the peaceful island I could forget everything and feel so much relieved.

Fortunately I had a free ticket for the South East Asia so I took off from Incheon and it was going to take for seven hours to Jakarta.


When I arrived in Jakarta it was too late so booked a hotel for a night but I had only for few hours taking rest there because of my flight from Jakarta to Banda Aceh and it would take for about five hours to Banda Aceh. Actuall there had been some troubles. The hotel I had booked was under construction so they were closed, so I had to change it and the flight I had booked was cancled so I didn't have enough time to sleep at the hotel and also before I left Korea J told me that a volcano was erupting soon near Medan where my flight would be stopped once (and it reallly did it after the twenty days) so I got nervouse a bit. Anyway after all everything was OK like this.

Almost arrived. Here is Banda Aceh and now I had to take a ferry to Pulau weh but needed to wait for it for more than four hours. Too many people were smoking at the ferry terminal so I took some pictures outside.


Finally I got on the ferry and was nodding off and suddenly the ferry rolled heavily with a great crash and stopped and then the small window was broken and the water started to come inside. Childeren and girls were crying and I was too shocked and wondering if I came here to die?


It's funny but again after all, I arrived weh island so I caught a mini bus for Gapang beach by myself for about 40 mins. I was out of my mind but outside of the island was so beautiful and the bus was running in the middle of the small mountain and I felt quite afraid and then, the driver stopped infront of his house and told me that I got off from the bus and we had to ride his motorbike to the beach. I got almost angry and scared everything so started crying. He didn't know how to do so we moved to the beach by his car.

Eventually I arrived at Gapang beach. It was long and hard journey but there was J. How long I hadn't seen you.. yes, it was almost four years...and since then I hadn't used English so I couldn't talk to J a lot.

Here is Lumba lumba resort where we stayed.


Next morning J and I decided to walk to Iboih beach and had lunch there.

One of the Local houses.


Before the holiday I was emotionally having a hardest time in my life since I moved to Jeonju . There were too many things happened and my cafe business wasn't really easy. I was exhaustead by strangers and couldn't get used to my new friends in Jeonju. I was too lonely but wanted to be alone,, nothing made me happy, and couldn't do anything so I cried everyday and there was no hope, I just wanted to be my mum's side sooner, so I worked harder and avoided eating.. interestingly every moment I was weeping J emailed me. You never imagine how much I felt relieved and be comforted while I was walking behind J on this peaceful island .


Iboih beach is especially famous for sunset. Children reminded me my childhood because I used to go into the water and swim with my friends in summer.

Here is our little Gapang beach :) Most of custmors(foreigners) come here to dive or go snorkeling, J was too. I was the only non-diver.


While J was diving I walked around the beach and took pictures. J suggested me going snorkeling but I just wanted to do nothing.. so I spent my time eating breakfast and drinking favourite mango juice and observing little things  :)


Love this room. Creamy curtains fluttered in the wind and sunshine was coming into the room and a comfortable blue hammock. J liked reading in the hammock.

It rained for a while.
I really desired to take pictures without any worries.

Hi there :D


I wanted to buy some souvenir here but they never opened a shop.


Thanks J, thanks beautiful island.



After staying in the island for about a week we had to say goodbye here in the early morning.

I didn't really want to come back to Korea.. Can I go back to the island again? Can I see J again?


Hasselblad 503cx, Nikon FM2
Kodak Ektar 100, Kodak Proimage 100
Pulau weh, indonesia 2013



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