Blue Pekoe

I used to go to Hanok village at weekends. I just loved to take pictures and go for a walk when there were not many people and that was the only thing that I could forget everything from my hard times.

Here is my favourite tea shop 'Blue Pekoe' in Jeonju and I founded this tea shop in December, 2011 when I first time moved to Jeonju.

Actually it was very small but they moved to bigger place.

One day with my friend.



It was winter so the owner served me a glass of hot water.

And I ordered a pot of Cinnamon apple tea :)
When my friends visited me I took them to this tea shop so I became good friends with the owner now.

Here is New, bigger Blue Pekoe. The owner wanted me to take some pictures of their menu so I went there a bit early morning and I really liked that morning light. Always love taking pictures with beautiful lights in lovely places.


And just some pictures.


After that for some reasons I coudn't go there for more than a year. I was scared everything.. but about a month ago I spent some time on my day off there and took some pictures as I used to do :)

Hasselblad 503CX, Yashica Fx-2
Kodak Ektar100, Kodak Portra 160
Blue Pekoe, Jeonju, 2012-2013


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