Surprising Passenger!

Yesterday when I was laying on the bed at dermatology a lovely good song was playing on the radio and I thought that the voice was very familiar to me, so I was trying to remember who he was.. and then the DJ said the name of the song was Let her go by Passenger. Oh, dear! Yes, he was. At that instant I got gooes bumps.

What happened here is, while I was staying in Bath in 2008 Passenger sang songs on the street of Bath, and I immediatly liked his voice and songs very much so I recored his small concert :)  And I asked him if I could buy his CD, he was really surprised and thanked to me and said that I was the first person who bought a their CD on the street. After I came back to Korea the CD was still one of my favourites, I used to listen it and I was assure that he would beccme success one day.

I suched for his news yesterday when I got back home and I found that he became incredibly popular and the song I heard on the radio Let her go was on Billboard chart as well.:)


In 2008

Let her go, 2012



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