I am OK

Just some pictures of summer at my cafe and now I'm waiting for my fourth spring and summer here.
Most of time I was lonely and some days were tragic as much as I couldn't breath.. but I am fine now.

My favourite light at this little place.


Cheer up, my lovely plants. 


:) This boy moved to another city and some other friends are moving soon too.

All of those sadness that made me cry and get depressed for two years has gone. Actually nothing has changed here but strangely I feel so much comfortable and peaceful, I think I finally got free from it.

Yesterday I had cut my hair off (about 15cm) and dyed. After then, I don't know why it's really a load off my mind.

Let's be happy and take more pictures and try to sell more pictures too :D

Nikon FM2
Jeonju, 2012-2014


  1. Your photos are so, so gorgeous and soothing. I'm battling anxiety right and was looking for something to calm me, and your photos helped so much. I hope you keep photographing. Also, you are very pretty!

    1. Thank you so much for the comment. I'll keep taking pictures because that's my reason for living. I'll try to take better pictures and your comment made me smile ;)


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