A walk in autumn

After bought some flowers on a flower market in Jeonju I walked along the stream to take some pictures with my Rolleiflex. It was a beautiful autumn indeed.
Someone planted Gaura lindheimeri there :)

Love the sunlight and the moment and also dragon flies too.
Love the nature and all the pretty grass..


And a small park.
Before the those days I went to Jeoneup to see my friend and saw a rainbow.
After the autumn I moved to Yangpyeong where is my hometown a few days ago and I feel relieved now..
How was my time in Jeonju for the last four years? Actually it was the hardest time in my life. I lost too many things and I felt sad and cried most of the time but the only thing I was satisfied is my photography improved a lot during that time and I met some of my lovely friends there.. :)
Rolleiflex Automat X
Kodak Ektar100, Kodak Portra400
Jeonju, Jeongeup 2015


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