Coron Island Tours

The Harbour where tourists gather for their tours. I waken up and had breakfast early and then came here every morning with my camera.
The first days's tour was Tour A and the next day was Tour B and the last day was Tour D.
I didn't realise that the sky of Coron was so beautiful. I just found that when the photos came out. :)
I waited for other people's coming for about an hour. When every tourist embarked in the boat we said helloand each other's names and where we were from to other tourists and some people called me Miss Korea! because I went there alone and the only one person who came from Korea. :D
Sailors cooked for our lunch during the tour in the boat.
Then, let's go :)
There are a lot of small beaches and islands near Coron.
Here is Las lslas de Coral. We just swam here for a while.

Here is Atwayan Beach where we had lunch. Before here we went to CYC Beach and I tried my first time snorkeling and drank lots of salty water.
After lunch I just took pictures.


Then we moved to Quin Reef and then Green Lagoon.
Here is Kayangan Lake and I couldn't try snorkling here because it was looking deep. I used to go swimming to the shallow stem in my village when I was a child and actually I had never tried swimming since then so I was afraid. Anyway it was good because I had my camera and enjoyed watching people :)


The second day of my tour and it's Tour B.
Here is Barracuda Lake.
Between the rocks you can find a beautiful lake.
We moved to Smith Beach.
I had met this boy on my first tour and he speaks English very well :)
We had lunch here and lovely three cats live on a tiny island.

 After lunch we went to Skeleton Wreck and Reef Garden and twin Lagoon and I just enjoyed snorkeling so much so couldn't take pictures. It was really exciting :D
And my last tour, Tour C.
We went far away so spent a lot of times in the boat.
After we went to East Tangat we moved to Pass island.
Here is Pass island. It was absolutely fantastic and beautiful. I just loved there so much. I wanted to stay there longer.. someone said it looked similar to a film Lonely island.
I just loved to take pictures.

The rubber tree which I only can see in the big pot in Korea.


A Chinese boy. He was staying in the same hotel with me and the day before while J was teaching Chess to me in the hotel robby he came and sat on the chair and watched us interestingly for a while.

Palm trees with beautiful blues..


I was happy that some people live here on a very small island.



After we enjoyed snorkeling at Coral Garden and Lusong Gun Boat we got back to the town and my holiday in Coron was almost finishied.

In fact, while I was suching some information for Coron islad in Korea I was very inspired by its beautiful scenery. There were lots of images in my head so I bought a lot of films and just wanted to take pictures a lot but I couldn't get any of them. I shouldn't imagine or think too much before the travelling because it's always unexpected.

Hasselblad 503cx
Kodak Ektar100
Coron Island in the Philippines


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