Coron town

After travelling to Pulau Weh of Indonesia two years ago I went to Coron Island in the Philippines at 4th week of November and my journey to Philippines was so much easier than Pulau Weh because we met up and stayed in Manila one day and flew to Coron on the next day.
Because of our flight to Coron was delayed for an hour we arrived at the hotel in the evening so we decided to have dinner.
J's first shot with my Nikon FM2.

The next day J went diving early and I looked around the small town in Coron after breakfast.
After booking tours for three days I walked and took pictures. How much did I want to take travel pictures...? I was very happy so smiled again and again and then some people in the travel agency asked me why I kept smiling and they called my name and said hello friendly every time when they saw me while I was staying in Coron.
Coron town is peaceful in the afternoon because most of tourists go on boat tours near the Island and here is the port.
This place was used to be a public market.
and I saw a baby kitten :)
I decided that came this place at sunset again because the scenery at sunset here when I saw on the car on the first day was just so beautiful to watch.
And started to walk again.
I thought that everything here in the Philippines was very similar to Indonesia. There must be differnces between the two but I still haven't founded yet.. need to study more. :)
There are too many tricycles and motorbikes so I was quite difficult to walk and took breath for a long time because of the air pollution but still lovely to go sight-seeing :)
As you can see Coron is a colourful island.
What's this?
There were pretty tropical gardens too :)
and a small alley..
A baby goat and mum goat were eating and looking at me :D
Walking around the town.
After five hours of sight seeing I decided to go back to the hotel because it was boiling so I gave up that went up to the observatory!  
Finally I found flowers inside! I felt I was alive when I found this kind of lights.
I really loved Corto Del Mar Hotel where we stayed and we ate every meal here.
After took some rest I went out again to see sunset and the sun was going down slowly.
What happened to your face?
Love.. Here is beautiful as much as Venice.
Boats and tourists started getting back to the town and then the town is going to be busy.


And it was getting dark.
Thankfuly the weather was so nice while staying in Coron for five days and the last day when we left there to Manila again it started raining.
The view from our balcony. Some people don't like the villages but I loved looking at there. Even though you can hear crowing of the cocks every morning I still loved the sounds of kids laughing and talking and especially when they said 'hi and hello' to me. It also reminded me of my childhood.
Hasselblad 503cx, Nikon FM2
Kodak Ektar100, Fuji color 200
Coron Island in the Philippines, 2015


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