Spring moments


I have been busy since I moved to Yanpyeong (my hometown). What have I done for a month is.. I started work and tried to get a driving license and finally I've got it! and also I started taking a flower arrangement course in Seoul. This time I'm learning French style flower arrangements and it's going to be a quite a long way..
It's freezing in Korea so I haven't taken any pictures outside here and I'm waiting for the spring again.
Hasselblad 503cx, Rolleiflex Automat X
Kodak Ektar100
2015, Jeonju


  1. I would desire to be in this cafe everyday and read the local newspaper or some magazine. It feels really peace and quiet in the pictures. Nice color and use of natural light.

    1. I'm sorry! It's too late to reply. It would have been always welcome if you came to my cafe everyday :) Although I left my cafe about a year ago I still miss those beautiful lights and my stuff there..


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