A walk to the river

I had really wanted to go to a river on those autumn days so when Alim visited me we finally went there by the train in 2014.

Maybe you can feel that how much we enjoyed the day and how much I was happy to take pictures :)

I started making a bouquet with wild flowers.


Let's walk.

And we stopped here and took pictures a lot! I loved that afternoon light.

Almost arrived and there is a small Korean pavillion.

We walked down.

She was quite afraid of going down but  she had to because I forced it :)
After I found this beautiful medow I was just so happy, happy because I never expected this place and the pretty autumn foliage here and also we could walk in the grass!

Thanks for coming and thanks for the autumn and the nature.

It's getting dark and time to go back!


I've got a new job here and am starting work tomorrow. It's going to be hard work so I coudln't make up my mind whether to get it for a long time because it's going to be really no time to take pictures at all so I tried to apply for another jobs too but I failed to get any of them. Whew.. maybe it's time to work hard again.. I mean I'll work for a cafe ten hours a day and six days a week and more about coffee not the tea this time. What I'm doing on my day off is I'm going to Seoul for the flower lesson in early morning. yeah.... :) One thing I'm worrying about is.. I've been suffering from dizzness. :(

Nikon FM2
Kodak proimage100, Fuji super200
Wanju, 2014


  1. I feel the happiness in all these beautiful, colorful, light-filled images!

    1. Thanks! As you can see I was so happy and busy taking pictures and really wanted to take pictures more beautifully.


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