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Signs of spring last year.
It's spring in Korea and the weather is much warmer than two weeks ago. I should get up early and take some pictures before I go to work.
Actually I wanted to cry all day long.. my pride has been hurt... but.. anyway I had to be patient..
Whew... I'll take pictures a lot.. and then I feel much better..
Rolleiflex Automat X
Kodak Ektar100
Jeonju, 2015


  1. Junghyun, Your images always cheer me up, I just love your work. I love seeing your photos on Flickr and I'm happy to have found your blog here. Photography is the best therapy and I hope you are not feeling so sad anymore.

    1. Thanks Susan and welcome to my blog! I'm fine now and there is good news for me too! I got a new job again so I'll have more time to spend on photography work. I'm so happy :)

    2. that's wonderful news and I'm so happy that I'll be able to see more photos from you! Congratulations!


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