In the UK with my Leica M6

(This is a heavy post)

I stayed in Bath for six months in 2008 and used to travel by myself or with friends at weekends.

Here are some photos that I took with my Leica M6 which was I bought just before I left Korea.
Unfortunately, I've lost it when I left Bath to France. Although it was an expensive loss I had to forget about it and enjoyed travelling for least two months of my journey to France and Italy.

I took lots of pictures in the UK but didn't get many good pictures because I didn't study about all my cameras so didn't know how to take pictures very well and I just took and took without thinking so most of them are rubbish. hehe..:D

But still there are some pictures that I like and make me smile.

I'm not posting in place order because I'm lazy.. hehe but I think it's more interesting to see.

The pictures from Bath, Bristol, Beckington, London, Dundee, Glasgow, Edinbrough, Brighton, Rye, York, Tourquay, Glastonbury, Stradford upon Avon, Cambridge, Gloucester, Dorset.

























Did you know that I was a web designer for four years before I started working for the cafes?

I've got a new job and I'm working for a company as a web designer again.

First time I was only happy that I have more time to rest and then I've felt an overwhelming desire for photography. Like a first time..

My office is a lovely place and the light is beautiful all day long so while I was working for last three days there suddenly I thought of my Leica M6 and really wanted to take pictures with it.. so I've just bought it again..and that's why I suddenly post my old photogrphs here :)

I wish I could go to the UK in two years and took more beautiful pictures.

Leica M6, Summicron 35mm m f2
UK, 2008


  1. What a wonderful trip you had, these images are all so beautiful. Your work inspires me. Hope you are enjoying your new job!

    1. Thanks Sunsan. I'm enjoying my job! I'm going to send about fifty rolls of film to the photostudio next week and then I'll post some of them :) Have a nice weekend too -


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