I take pictures

Here is my hometown Yangpyeong and we walked and took pictures at one of my favorite places there.

I always love walk along the riverside and the grass and big trees.

When I bring my medium format cameras and 35mm cameras, mostly I take pictures with medium format cameras. Don't know why..

Love films.



I want to take more B/W pictures with my Leica M6 so I bought a yellow filter.

Let's take pictures together some day  :)

Nikon FM2 , Fuji C2oo
Yangpyeong, 2016


  1. I'm in love with the beautiful greens in these first few images. Film really does bring out some gorgeous tones. Would love to do a photo walk with you, your work always inspires me.

    1. Always thanks Susan! Actually all the photos were taken by my friend and I really like them too :)I hope to see you some day.


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