Spring blossoms

One day she asked me if I could take pictures of her. Of course I said Yes, so she came to my home last spring and I took lots of pictures :)

She chaged her name so now she is Hara. Hello Hara ;-)

After we took a drive for a cherry blossom load and stopped at a small alley.

Look at! There were beautiful, beautiful cherry blossoms and we started taking pictures :-)

I loved petals on her hat.

It was like a dream. I love this picture a lot.

I'm living in the countryside.

I found a nice place where looked pretty exotic although it was a typical Korean mountain or filed.


On our way to the town I saw this big magnolia tree in a mountain so we decided to stopped there and went for a walk. It was just gateway to  the mountain so easy to walk.

I loved wild trees.

She said that she was blowing up a balloon :)

You are gorgeous, I never felt lily magnolias were beautiful before I saw you. I felt I was in a tropical island although there wouldn't be magnolias :)


And we moved along with short steps.


Yes, you are spring girls forsythias .

Let's take pictures more :)
And the sun was going down.. but we couldn't leave there early. I wanted to take pictures more and more during sunset.

Anyway it was going to be dark soon and she had to go back home so we moved to the town for dinner.

Like this, we had a lovely spring day ;-)
I was satisfied when the photos came out and also I thought that my photography improved a bit. hehe.
Hasselblad 503cx, Nikon FM2
Kodak Ektar100, Portra 400, Lomo film 100,  Kodak Portra160
Yangpyeong, 2016


  1. So sweet and lovely! A beautiful spring you had!

    1. Yes,I was really happy to take pictures and it was so beautiful :)


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