Early summer with my Leica M6

I bought a Leica M6 + summicron 50mm in May so I tried to take pictures with it but I still need to get used to it.

Pictures about the very first four rolls of film with the camera.

The first roll.


There is a riverside park my neighbourhood and that became my favourite place to shoot. :-)

And it started sun going down and my auntie called me so I went back home.
The Second roll.

After work.
You don't know how much I was pleased that I could take pictures at sunset after work.

Yes, my lovely heavy medium format girls ;-D

So I went out again.

Getting better. hehe.
I love take pictures at sunset so much.. That's my favourite time.

Caught the sun.

The third roll.
Just summer shots in my old town.


Caught the butterfly :-)

The fourth roll.

Hello there, I'm again.

Hello to the sun :-)

Love the moment.


Eunseon visited me ;-)

After I saw the pictures I realised that I must be more imagine and creative with Leica M6.
Let's try more!

Finally I'm moving in a month I'm very happy that I can escape from this tiny dark house so I'm quite busy looking for a house where is bigger and bright now.
When I move I'll take lots of pictures!

Leica M6
Fuji C200 , Fuji 100
Yangpyeong, 2016


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