One roll of film with Yashica FX-2

I don't use Yashica FX-2 very often but on that day I wanted to take it to the flower school.

That was my last class with those friends because of my new job I had to change the class to the weekend.

After the class we had lunch together and went to Hibi that is one of my favourite cafes in Hongdae.
I missed this Japanese vintage feelings.

Late afternoon. I haven't get used to Yashica FX-2?

Early summer and a cup of greentea latte.

The last lesson was a centerpiece and didn't make it well.

I have started another blog for my flower journey although I'm writing in Korean you can come and see my photos if you want. Just snapshots :) ( )

Just a little window corner at home and now there is full of plants.. I really want to move somewhere bright house because here is too dark but still wait for someone who wants this house.

My lovely Adiantum from Jeonju :-)

My cameras..

Yashica FX-2
Lomo color 100 film
Seoul and Yangpyeong, 2016


  1. Beautiful! I love seeing all this lovely green.

    1. Thanks Thanks Susan! Have a nice weekend! :-)


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