Hello all,

I am Junghyun from South Korea. My English name is Jess so you can call me Jess simply :)

I have fallen in love with film photography since 2005 and take too many pictures so I decided to restart blogging :) My pictures are not special because I just take pictures of my ordinary life.

I am a web designer and as you know I used to have a Cafe 'Tea Blossom' in Jeonju so a lot of my pictures were taken in my little place. You could feel bored-

I have nine cameras. Except Leica D-lux3, everything is film camera - Leica M6, Hasselblad 503cx, Rolleiflex Automat X, Pentacon Six TL, Nikon FM2, Yashica FX-2, Lomo LC-A, Polaroid SX-70, Leica D-lux 3.

Please understand my broken English too, I just need a place to practise and use it.

Email : jolincai@hanmail.net

If you want to buy my photos please follow the below links, and if you want the other photos just let me know :)
Gettyimages (Digital file)

I do Flickr ;D


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Junghyun Choi, South Korea. Love taking pictures with my old film cameras and this place is for recording my daily life. Ordinary :)